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Search Engine Optimization

Nowadays the largest percentage of internet users use search engines (Google, Yahoo) to quickly locate products and services. Optimizing web pages (Search Engine Optimization or otherwise SEO) helps your website to appear higher on search engines, ensuring you the maximum traffic.

The main methods of promoting websites in search engines are two: the organic optimization (Search Engine Optimization - SEO) and Google AdWords advertising campaigns.

In the first case (Search Engine Optimization - SEO), we refer to the necessary actions that need to be made to the structure and content of the website to make it more friendly to search engines. This will result in the appearance of your website on top search engines with keywords related to your business. This process takes time and the cost depends on the competition for that keyword phrase for that is being optimized.

In the case of Google AdWords, your page appears in the right column of search results and brings visitors via the system Pay Per Click. You can choose the amount that you will "invest" in any keyword and pay each time a user clicks on the advertised link.

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