Web TV & Radio - Live Streaming from icehosting

Live streaming allows a user or station to broadcast live through web radio or web tv. Beyond live broadcasting radio / TV we can broadcast lectures, conferences, concerts of all bandwidth in affordable prices. We can take full coverage of your event in Greece or anywhere in Europe, with our own equipment and manpower, all we will need from you is an analog or digital audio output from the PA system event.

The technology used is compatible with any operating system (linux, mac, windows, freebsd) and with all modern appliances, phones (iphone, android, etc).

If you do not want to broadcast from your place, we offer you the ability to transfer either the entire pre-recorded broadcast or individual music files on our server and to automatically broadcast from there.

The network capacity can cover 3,000 users per server. Each station can have multiple servers in a cluster arrangement so that it can cover any requirement.

The technology used is based both in mp3 and in H264/AAC formats in order to achieve compatibility with all devices / players and the efficient use of the latest technology. The benefit is an excellent sound quality combined with low consumption of resources (and thus minimum costs).

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